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Carubin, C. (2018). The Evolution of the Motion Graphic Design Discipline Seen through its Definitions over Time, in Stone, B. and Wahlin, L. (editors), “The Theory and Practice of Motion Design”, NY: Taylor & Francis / Routledge. ISBN: 978-1-138-49080-2. listed:


Explaining my PhD Dissertation defended September 2017 


“Motion graphics, an emerging discipline of design seen through the analysis of its curricula in higher education in the United States”.


Since the motion graphics is a discipline composed of several disciplines (Herdeg and Halas, 1967, Halas and Manvell, 1970, Halas, 1984; Goux and Houff, 2003, Woolman, 2004; Kubasiewicz, 2005; Sandhaus, 2006; Krasner, 2008 , Betancourt, 2013), it would seem useful and innovative to describe, analyze and compare the structure and organization of their curricula, and to describe and analyze the terms, concepts and principles used by authors frequently cited in this discipline, in order to identify the structure and organization of this emerging discipline within the graphic design area.


My research examines and compares concepts and vocabulary of motion graphics used by authors of this area and analyzes and compares the curriculum of motion graphics university programs in the U.S., with the intention of identifying their structure and organization. The hypothesis states that the existing curricula in motion graphics reflect chaos and inconsistency, the result of an emerging discipline that is still developing. Data are presented on a comparative taxonomy of concepts and vocabulary of motion graphics and later on there is a componential analysis of the structure and organization of the curriculum of motion graphics in higher education, with the intention of creating a new curricula to study motion graphics in the United States.



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