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The strength in my work is the technical ­skill, specially drawing more than painting.

I have worked towards practicing and learning to paint with different media, but I still come back to drawing where I feel more comfortable and enjoy this more.


After being exposed to a number of cultures and traditions, through out the different countries where I lived, I have been studying and incorporating in my artwork parts of the well-known Catalan Modernism style, specially Antoni Gaudi’s trencadís technique. Also I have been mostly intrigued by the Islamic heritage and the art it brings about. Throughout my study of those topics, I ­was not only able to discover the various forms, traditions, and culture, but I was able to manipulate that art in the way I perceive it to be. By doing so, I managed to create a distinctive style of my own which keeps evolving.


Each and every painting has a surface, density, texture, and a spirituality of its own. It is often said that learning is an ongoing process, this certainly applies to me and of course the work I have produced. Since everything is a new experience for me here in the U.S., I have decided to shift my line of thought towards “Zentangle Art” as my concentrated theme. That miniature abstract work of art is created from a collection of patterns not meant to represent anything. I love the small size, because it allows me to carry my art all the time everywhere I go, and start illustrating immediately no matter the lack of space. The process of creating a Zentangle teaches me to become comfortable letting my instincts be in control and to look at my work from every angle, which allows me to acknowledge all the possibilities of the piece and the opportunity to make decisions as the artwork evolves. This kind of art adapts to my philosophy of finding the beauty of life in every small tinny detail that surrounds me. Above all, with whatever I create, I seek to impart a sense of vitality and joy, a celebration of the greatest art of all - the art of a life well lived.

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