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I hold a PhD in Graphic Design from the University of Barcelona, Spain (2017). My PhD dissertation is titled “Motion Graphics, an emerging discipline of Design seen through the analysis of its curricula in higher education in the United States”.


I have taught at the University level for almost ten years in the areas of Art and Graphic Design. Since 2017, I am a Graphic Design Senior Lecturer at the University of Rhode Island (URI). Before moving to the U.S. from Dubai, I was a full- time Applied Media Lecturer for the public college system of the United Arab Emirates (2008 to 2013).


I am a Course and Curriculum Developer in the area of Graphic Design; during the years 2011 to 2013 I held this position within the higher education system of the United Arab Emirates.


As a graphic design professional and with my own company (SFC Global Design), I provided premium graphic design services for many companies worldwide and was in the graphic design business for many years (1999 to 2009). Currently, I design as a free-lancer.


I speak two languages fluently (English and Spanish) and have traveled to 25 different countries.

Check my Profile at the University of Rhode Island:

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