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Upon completion of my MPhil in Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, ​​I decided to undertake my academic career in the United Arab Emirates. I was offered a professorship at the Federal University of the country, Higher Colleges of Technology, an institution with over 20,000 students and international standards with US accreditation. In my tenure as professor of Applied Communication in the areas of Graphic Design and Drawing, I gradually also added to the courses I taught, Animation and Digital Design.


It was during my tenure as professor in the Department of Applied Communication, when I joined the group of Curricular Development of the Higher Colleges of Technology, a group in charge of restructuring the curriculum in the disciplines of graphic design and animation. Although I did not realize at the time, my teaching career in graphic design was just turning into a new direction.


This exposure to graphic design and animation from the curricular perspective led to multiple questions from my own perspective as graphic designer and professor; I took particular interest in the discipline of motion graphics, an emerging discipline in design. Today students are influenced by multimedia content, this leads to a greater need to consider what educational content and what instructional tools should be included in the study of the discipline of motion graphics.

Collaborated with faculty on instructional design issues, and optimal design of curriculum and instruction, created web pages, and managed online course development and effective uses of multimedia, designing learning resources in a variety of formats including print, graphics, audio, video, and animation technologies to support curriculum offering s. In charge of the development of the following common syllabi for Graphic Design at URI: ART204 Graphic Design I, and ART 304 Graphic Design II, ART | DSP 404 Data Visualization and Infographic Design, ART 200 Sophomore Review. Also in charge of the development of the following common syllabi for the Division Graphic Design Program in HCT: COM2403 Web Development, CDG3503 Typography I, CDG3513 Introduction to Design Illustration, CDG 3603 Typography II, CDG 3613 Studio I, CDG 3623 History of Graphic Design, CDG 4703 Studio II, CDG 4713 Packaging Design, CDG 4723 Sustainable / Social Design, CDG 4803 Photography for Graphic Design, CDG 4813 Capstone – Information Design, and CDG 4823 Capstone – Major Exhibition. As well as in charge of the development of the following common syllabi for the Division Animation Program: ANIM N204 Introduction to 2D Animation, CDA 2403 Animation Principles I, ANIM N304 Character Animation, CDA 3503 Storyboarding, CDA 3513 Character Design, CDA 3603 3D Modeling, and CDA 4703 3D Animation.   

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